Frequent questions

- In which countries can you buy through our online store?

Online purchases through can be made from anywhere in the world. Please note that shipping costs vary depending on the destination.

- How can I contact customer service?

Through the form that you will find in the contact section. You can also send an email to


- Is it possible to cancel or modify an order?

Once your order has been confirmed, it will no longer be possible to change it before delivery.

You have the option to cancel, but you must do it quickly. Get in touch immediately with the Customer Service team, who will do everything possible to accommodate your request. However, we cannot ensure that you can cancel delivery if you have already received an email confirmation that your order has already been shipped.

For additional information about canceling your order, see our Return and Change Policy.


- What happens if an item in my order arrives damaged? only sells items in perfect condition, so if you exceptionally receive one of our products with a production defect, please contact our Customer Service department. If possible, we will replace it as soon as possible at no cost.


- Can I exchange my items at any Petusco point of sale?

The items you purchase through our online store can only be processed through it. works completely independently of Petusco's points of sale.